The Mc Henry family produces in the traditional way one of the best gins in Australia. The attention to detail and the very high quality of the product make it a UNIQUE GIN.

The use of native botanicals, unavailable in other countries of the world, make it a unique product. The pure spring water contributes significantly to its exceptional quality.

Mc Henry Distillery - Italia


A view of the magnificent places where this exceptional GIN is born.

Mc Henry Distillery - Italia


William Mc Henry, made distillation a way of life. Celtic Gaelic traditions, contact and respect for nature above all.

“I want to keep my specifications pretty tight and implement rigorous checks on as many variables as possible to get a consistent product, batch to batch, and year by year “. William Mc Henry.


Tasmania is located south of Australia less than 5,000 km from the Antarctic continent. Due to its position, the climate is a temperate maritime type. Ideal climate for the development of unique indigenous botanical varieties.

Due to its position, the winds that flow through it have already traveled the entire globe, dropping all pollutants. Spring water is among the purest and most pristine in the world.

Mc Henry Distillery - Italia
Mc Henry Distillery - Italia


Despite its remoteness from the most crowded areas of the world, in collaboration with LTB Global S.r.l., we can bring our GIN throughout Europe.

Contact us for infoirmations and to be able to taste all our range of GIN now available.