The geographical position

Located south of the globe
Tasmania is located south of Australia less than 5,000 km from the Antarctic continent.
Unspoiled nature
Due to its position, the winds that flow through it have already traveled the entire globe, dropping all pollutants.percorrono, hanno già percorso l’intero globo lasciando cadere tutti gli inquinanti. L’acqua di fonte è tra le più pure e incontaminate al mondo.
Ideal climate
Due to its position, the climate is a temperate maritime type. Good relationship between sunny and rainy days. Ideal climate for the development of unique indigenous botanical varieties.

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The territory

60,000 sq. Km.
Tasmania has an extension of about 60,000 square kilometers. That is three times the size of Lombardy. The population is just 500,000. This guarantees low territorial exploitation.
Natural parks
Very rich in natural parks and reserves designed to protect the environment and the exploitation of resources. Declared a UNESCO heritage site
Variety of climates
Tasmania offers various microclimates suitable for the development of completely unique plant and animal species.


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