Marco Rubino

McHenry distillery cocktails

Marco Rubino has been for years one of the barman with a very long experience “in the field” in the HoReCa sector. Registered and tutor at the Italian Barman Federation – FIB, he is a proactive member of the FIB Accademy Piemonte.

Federation Rubino

It is prepared in the mixinglass with lots of ice and putting the first three ingredients.
Blend for a few seconds.
Serve in the double cocktail glass
Fill with Prosecco and a few drops of Angostura on the surface.
Garnish with green apple slices.

Pairing with Australian dish consisting of
Boiled shrimp
Mango puree (or slices)
Passion fruit
Red pepper
Season with oil and lime juice

McHenry Federation Gin - Marco Rubino
Tasmanian Dry Marco Rubino

Tasmanian Dry

5cl McHenry Distillery Classic Dry Gin
1cl Triple Sec Bols
Cranberry syrup

Cocktail preparation

It’s prepared in the shaker by mixing the three components and some ice cubes.
Shake vigorously and pour into a very cold cocktail glass.
Decorate with red cherry.

Australian McHenry

5/10 McHenry Butterfly Gin
1/10 Lime or lemon juice
1/10 Liquid sugar
1/10 Currant distilled
2/10 Sucrester velvet

Cocktail preparation

It’s prepared in the shaker with lots of ice
Add the first 4 ingredients and shake vigorously
serve in a very cold flute
Finally put the sucrester velvet on the surface
Decorate with currants

Australian McHenry - Marco Rubino