13900 Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

The 13900 Cocktail Bar in Biella is a particular place with attention to every aspect. An excellent cocktail list awaits you accompanied by excellent snacks and for those who also want excellent cuisine. From classic drinks to innovative and sophisticated cocktails. Here we have experienced three drinks that are reinterpretations of classic cocktails and new sensory experiences with our Federation Gin.

Transcontinental Collins

-45ml @mchenry_distillery Federation Gin
-15ml Sage homemade liquor
-20ml lemon juice cooked with lemon peel
-10ml Basil homemade syrup
-Top with Fermented Honey
-Technique: Built
-Galss: Tumbler vintage
-Topping: Fresh Basil

The inspiration for the drink is the classic collins, revisited with classic ingredients from our Italy: lemons, sage, honey and basil.
All botanicals different from those of the Australian Federation, which complement it while keeping it the absolute protagonist.

Magician Sour

-45ml Buttefly Gin
-20ml Red Berries cooked dry Vermouth
-20ml Apple Syrup
-10ml Apple Vinegar
-Technique: Stir
-Glass: ampoule for the mix, tumbler for the gin
-Topping: Paper Butterfly

For a drink like this it is essential to enhance the “magic” component! A harsh concept, but clearer and more interactive. Watching the guest pour the blend into the color-changing gin is a unique experience!

Sloe Motion

-60ml Sloe Gin
-10ml Sherry PX
-10ml Raspberry homemade syrup
-Technique: built&stir
-Glass: low tumbler
-Topping: Dried raspberry powder
Low-alcohol beverages are the trend in the industry. Often associated with “long” drinks, the low alcohol content and sugar concentration of Sloe Gin Mchenry have made it possible to create this intense yet light variant of an Old Fashioned.