We distil GIN with native botanicals from Australia and Tasmania. We produce a limited edition Single Malt Whisky in numbered barrels.


Our flagship product, the FEDERATION GIN, is produced with botanicals found exclusively in the Australian states. William Mc Henry, mixes them wisely to obtain a unique product in the world. Spring water owned by the distillery, thanks to its purity and uncontamination, is essential for a super premium product. The other GINs are no less. They also start from products and raw materials of exceptional quality and purity that give our product its uniqueness.

Mc Henry Distillery - Italia

The entire production process is followed up to bottling by the Master Distiller William Bill Mc Henry.
The distillation process follows the traditional British style, a legacy of Australia’s link with the UK and Her Majesty


We believe that spirits such as GIN and Whisky must convey the flavors and sensations of the lands of origin. For us, quality is the first goal. Our customers must immerse themselves in the “Spirtis Of Tasmania” when they taste our products.


Started in 2010 by William and Alison McHenry, McHenry Distillery is recognized as one of Australia’s leading distilleries.

Our products are now featured in the best restaurants and bars around the world and our exports are handled by a division of the company called the Tasmanian Whiskey and Gin Company.
Located in Tasmania, the Distillery sits on the edge of this southern world and at its heart lies the unspoiled natural environment of Tasmania. The stormy air rising from the southern ocean and the ancient soil forms its foundation. Unique to the location is its natural spring which feeds the pure and fresh water directly into the Distillery.

Mc Henry Distillery - Italia
Mc Henry Distillery - Italia

European Presence

LTB Global s.r.l. is our official representative for Italy and Europe.

Import export company with business branch dedicated to the Premium and Super Premium Spirits market. LTB Global focuses its core business on excellent quality products that stand out from the crowd. LTB Global “Your Excellence Our Extreme Mission”